Become a District Cooperator

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What is a District Cooperator?

Arizona’s Conservation Districts support the conservation needs of “cooperators." District Cooperators are landowners/users who reside in a District. The Districts seek to join forces with interested Cooperators and leverage the resources available in order to enhance Arizona’s working landscapes for ecological and economic prosperity. The Districts do this by collaborating with over 20 state, tribal, and federal agencies, and many other partners who all have authority, funding, or expertise in the management of land, water, air, wildlife, and other natural resources.

With the support of their Districts, Cooperators receive the technical and financial assistance needed to develop, fund, and implement sound conservation plans and practices. This is possible through Cooperative Agreements. Districts enter into Cooperative Agreements with local landowners/land users who are interested in developing and implementing a conservation plan for the land and resources they manage.

How Do You Become a Cooperator?

If you'd like to become a Cooperator, please download the Cooperator Agreement. You'll need to identify your District, and we encourage you to reach out to that District's contact before submitting the Agreement. Please email your complete Agreement to